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Hola España.

22 Nov


As part of my trip I was lucky enough to spend one week in Spain speaking spanish all day and eating delicious food. I first went to Madrid where I stayed with a couple of friends for three days and got to see most of what the city has to offer. Call me negative but I have to admit that I was quite disappointed, Madrid didn’t live up to my high expectations. That’s the thing about expectations, the less expectations you have, the better everything will seem. I felt like I was in Mexico City and it only has like four attractions apart from the food and the nightlife, those are amazing.

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British Vibe.

7 Nov


My trip has officially started with London being my first stop. So far, so, so good. I have a personal recipe for happiness which involves a nice place I’ve never been before, my camera, and myself. Now, it’s obvious to guess how happy I was in London, so happy I didn’t want to leave, ever. Very convenient to fall in love with the most expensive city in the whole entire world, well done J, very well done.

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