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gelato. pasta. pizza. ITALIA.

26 Nov


I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in the last month; England, Spain, and last but not least Italy. I’ve always been really close to Italian food and culture because I have italian relatives so I was pretty excited about this one. My first stop was Florence, the city of the renaissance and home of some of the most important pieces of art and architecture. The David by Michelangelo rings any bells? It is as impressive Continue reading


Hola España.

22 Nov


As part of my trip I was lucky enough to spend one week in Spain speaking spanish all day and eating delicious food. I first went to Madrid where I stayed with a couple of friends for three days and got to see most of what the city has to offer. Call me negative but I have to admit that I was quite disappointed, Madrid didn’t live up to my high expectations. That’s the thing about expectations, the less expectations you have, the better everything will seem. I felt like I was in Mexico City and it only has like four attractions apart from the food and the nightlife, those are amazing.

Continue reading

British Vibe.

7 Nov


My trip has officially started with London being my first stop. So far, so, so good. I have a personal recipe for happiness which involves a nice place I’ve never been before, my camera, and myself. Now, it’s obvious to guess how happy I was in London, so happy I didn’t want to leave, ever. Very convenient to fall in love with the most expensive city in the whole entire world, well done J, very well done.

I loved it because it has so many different flavors combined in one place. There’s Continue reading

Shopping Days Are Happy Days.

27 Oct


I have serious problems when it comes to saving money, and when I say serious problems I mean I can’t do it. Literally can’t. I’m always, always thinking of what I want to buy next and whenever I have some extra cash on my hands it disappears in a matter of seconds. You could say I’m a bit of a shoppaholic, and it has only gotten worse since I got to Paris (fashion capital of the world) and I have both a salary and a nice mom that deposits Continue reading

The Last of the Best.

26 Oct


This is my last week in Paris before heading to the adventures of traveling and I can’t complain, not even a bit. It’s been AWE-SOME. Kids in France have a two week vacation that started this last Monday and this was supposed to be my last week of work, salary, etc. Then something magically happened and my Continue reading

Tourist French Resident

8 Oct


I’ve been m.i.a for a while now and I have tons to write about because so much has happened in the last 10 days. However, I haven’t fully wrapped my mind around everything and I’m still a bit shocked and confused so words just don’t come fluently to me when I’m trying to write. Continue reading

Zombie Week

22 Sep


Sunday night, end of another week, a though one I must say. I’m just getting over a cold that started on Monday morning and kept me all week feeling like a zombie and looking hangovered and under slept. I went to a roller coaster of different emotions while I spent my mornings watching movies in pjs with a box of kleenex and a cup of tea. I felt homesick, I wanted to make chicken soup, I didn’t have the ingredients in my fridge, I missed my mom, I wanted to watch movies with my house keeper, I cried.  Continue reading

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