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Home, sweet home.

30 Nov



I am pleased (or sad?) to inform that I am back in Mexico! It took me a few days to get over the jet lag and to accept that no one speaks french, but I’m enjoying my bed, my house, my food, and the Christmas spirit. Nevertheless, I already miss Paris and I am starting to regret coming back to Monterrey because let’s face it, Europe is so much cooler. But whatever, c’est la vie, everything happens for a reason, or at least I like to think that when I’m starting to regret something.

One thing I’ve learned  about being abroad takes initiative, responsibility, and a great deal of courage to face with a lot of challenging situations in your own. You have to adapt to different habits and responsibilities, a different culture Continue reading


gelato. pasta. pizza. ITALIA.

26 Nov


I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in the last month; England, Spain, and last but not least Italy. I’ve always been really close to Italian food and culture because I have italian relatives so I was pretty excited about this one. My first stop was Florence, the city of the renaissance and home of some of the most important pieces of art and architecture. The David by Michelangelo rings any bells? It is as impressive Continue reading

Hola España.

22 Nov


As part of my trip I was lucky enough to spend one week in Spain speaking spanish all day and eating delicious food. I first went to Madrid where I stayed with a couple of friends for three days and got to see most of what the city has to offer. Call me negative but I have to admit that I was quite disappointed, Madrid didn’t live up to my high expectations. That’s the thing about expectations, the less expectations you have, the better everything will seem. I felt like I was in Mexico City and it only has like four attractions apart from the food and the nightlife, those are amazing.

Continue reading

British Vibe.

7 Nov


My trip has officially started with London being my first stop. So far, so, so good. I have a personal recipe for happiness which involves a nice place I’ve never been before, my camera, and myself. Now, it’s obvious to guess how happy I was in London, so happy I didn’t want to leave, ever. Very convenient to fall in love with the most expensive city in the whole entire world, well done J, very well done.

I loved it because it has so many different flavors combined in one place. There’s Continue reading

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