Shopping Days Are Happy Days.

27 Oct


I have serious problems when it comes to saving money, and when I say serious problems I mean I can’t do it. Literally can’t. I’m always, always thinking of what I want to buy next and whenever I have some extra cash on my hands it disappears in a matter of seconds. You could say I’m a bit of a shoppaholic, and it has only gotten worse since I got to Paris (fashion capital of the world) and I have both a salary and a nice mom that deposits me every week. Last week I made a deal with myself to save up for a new pair of American Apparel black disco pants  (the ones I currently own are begging to go to the trash), buy them and then spend on nothing else so I’ll have money on the trip I’m starting next week. Everything was going well until Tuesday, when the plan collapsed because I found some ankle boots that were too good not o buy, and day after day cool things kept haunting me until I bought them. Sorry disco pants, you’ll have to wait.

Even though I was supposed to contain my shopping I’m really happy and proud of all the stuff I bought this week, so why not share it with the world?


Ankle boots from Monoprix, the photo doesn’t do them justice.


Zara t-shirt. I’ve been kind of obsessed with simple t-shirts lately, you can wear them with absolutely everything and they always give outfits a cool, effortless look.


Nice and simple sweater dress. Just put on a pair of tights and some black flats and you’re good to go!


I loved that this jacket is very classy and simple but you can also make it look funky if you style it properly.


One can never have enough blazers! I loved this one because it’s really simple and elegant but it can also be the statement piece in your outfit.


I’m out of books to read in english or spanish and I always like to carry one with me when I travel so I decided it’s a good time to challenge myself into start reading in french. I googled good french books and “L’étranger” was rated as one of the best so I was planning to go to a bookshop and buy it there.  This morning I was walking along the Seine and I stopped in one of the old book stands where they have hundreds and hundreds of old books and I magically found it without even looking for it. It’s quite short so I spent a good 20 minutes looking for another one to attract me until I found “Je voudrais tant que tu te souviennes”. I spent 5 euros for both books instead of over 30 in a bookshop so I highly recommend searching through those book stands, there are lots of them and all the owners are really nice.


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