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Paris 101.

29 Oct


As you people know (or not) I’m leaving Paris a lot sooner than I initially planned, 8 months sooner to be exact. I’ve been here for 2 months so officially and legally I’m still a tourist, but that word really insults me because I definitively don’t consider myself one. I don’t think I’m parisian either, but I think I’m a lot closer to that term. I’ve lived in a Parisian household, eaten their typical strange groceries, walked their non-touristy streets Continue reading


Shopping Days Are Happy Days.

27 Oct


I have serious problems when it comes to saving money, and when I say serious problems I mean I can’t do it. Literally can’t. I’m always, always thinking of what I want to buy next and whenever I have some extra cash on my hands it disappears in a matter of seconds. You could say I’m a bit of a shoppaholic, and it has only gotten worse since I got to Paris (fashion capital of the world) and I have both a salary and a nice mom that deposits Continue reading

The Last of the Best.

26 Oct


This is my last week in Paris before heading to the adventures of traveling and I can’t complain, not even a bit. It’s been AWE-SOME. Kids in France have a two week vacation that started this last Monday and this was supposed to be my last week of work, salary, etc. Then something magically happened and my Continue reading

Expect the Unexpected

22 Oct

Last time I promised that I’d come back and explain all the mess I’ve gotten my self into…  So, here I am. The last three weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions, confusion, and a lot of internal debates that led me to where I’m standing today. Here’s the explanation:

I’ve been in Paris for nearly 2 months now and everything is really, really good but not quite perfect. Ever since I got here I’ve been struggling to feel completely comfortable with the idea of being an Au Pair and Continue reading

Tourist French Resident

8 Oct


I’ve been m.i.a for a while now and I have tons to write about because so much has happened in the last 10 days. However, I haven’t fully wrapped my mind around everything and I’m still a bit shocked and confused so words just don’t come fluently to me when I’m trying to write. Continue reading

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