Goodbye Mexico, Hello Paris.

10 Sep


For better understanding of my arrival in Paris and the emotional rollercoaster that was involved in it I’d like to summarize my last few days in Mexico. One of my brothers persuaded me to buy a Standby plane ticket because it was a very cheap deal and blah, blah, blah… learn from my experience and NEVER do this if you want to maintain your piece of mind, there’s nothing like knowing the exact date and time you’ll get on a transatlantic flight. So I knew I was supposed to leave somewhere between the 28th and the 31st of August and I still had a lot of things to do and get ready when I received a call from my brother on a Saturday around 6 pm telling me that I had to fly to Mexico City on Monday morning to take the plane to Paris at night. How the hell was I supposed to get done everything in time when I still had a million things to do and I hadn’t even started packing? As anyone could guess, the next day was complete madness. My mom wasn’t around to help me and pressure me to get things done so it took me all morning to get on a packing mood and I obviously forgot a lot of things that I’m currently missing a lot. I managed to make time to see my friends and they took me to all the food places that I would miss (and I already am) and made me eat a lot more that I should have because it was my last day. That night I had a decent sleep and I woke up Monday morning a bit confused, overwhelmed and very, very scared to be leaving my house, my dog, and my very happy life. After a long, stressful and very rainy day in Mexico City I finally found myself ready for a 12 hour flight with an awkward plane pillow on my lap, sitting next to a stranger, and making goodbye calls to people I didn’t want to say goodbye to. As the plane started speeding for departure I bursted into tears of sadness, fear, excitement, and other emotions I can’t really describe.

I officially arrived to Paris on August 27th with wrinkled clothes, bad hair, and a mind full of questions, excitement, and even a bit of terror. I jumped into a taxi with my “way too heavy” suitcases and a Lebanese driver and we headed for the city of lights. When we passed by the Arc de Triomphe  it all became true, I was in Paris and this was my new home. My mom was in Paris that week so  I stayed with her and her boyfriend for three days in the smallest hotel room I’ve ever seen in my life. Next morning and after a good night sleep we woke up and started exploring the city that I’ve been dreaming of for so many years. I gotta say, it lived up to my expectations. Three days later I found myself in a taxi with my mom, heading for my new home and ready for the real adventure to begin.


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